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My name is Raphaelle Monvoisin,
I am a visual designer and photographer based in Paris, France, currently working at Blizzard Entertainment.
I also work as a freelancer on various projects with brands and talented professionals.

Right after finishing my studies, I have started working as a creative in a digital agency. I was leading art direction, branding, photography, graphic and digital design for small and international clients from conception to execution. This several years of agency experience helped me rapidly develop my professional skills in many areas.

In 2014 I’ve joined the digital marketing and medias team at Blizzard Entertainment, where I use my expertise to focus on art direction, media and marketing campaigns, UI/UX design and creative photography for social media and events coverage.

I fell in love with photography several years ago.
By taking photos of the world around me, I was feeling like I was giving life to all the untold stories that were unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Now, I combine my extensive experience and artistic nature with passion for storytelling to create captivating stories for small and global brands from different backgrounds.

I put my heart and soul into my work and I would love to hear from you!

If you want to discuss a project, or just say hello, feel free to contact me!


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I've always been a bit of a wild soul.
Most of my youth was spent in the pines forests, where I was playing in nature, lying in the meadow observing the sky,
climbing in the trees and creating stories full of adventures.
Ever since I remember, Nature has inspired me.


Cover photo: Sophie Narsès  —  Profile photo: Solenne Jakovsky  —  Video: Antonin Pergod

Awards & Publications


Represented by Trevillion Images, my pictures are available for commercial use.

Featured in


2017 EXPO-ENLIGNE - Interview "Inner World" (FR)

2017 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 2nd prize

GRAINE DE PHOTOGRAPHE - Interview "Tales of Nowhere" (FR)

2016 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 1st prize "Friends"

2016 ZEINBERG CONTEST - 2nd prize "Once upon a time"

2015 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 3rd prize "Beauty of everyday"

2014 BRIE-COMTE-ROBERT CONTEST - 2nd prize "Landscapes" & 1st Public prize

2013 MONTIER-EN-DER FESTIVAL CONTEST - Finalist "Landscapes & Nature"

2017 "Onirisme" Exhibition - Cachan (94), France

Exhibition for "L'Art de la Pose" book varnishing - Ivry-sur-Seine (94), France

2017 Online exhibition - Expo-Enligne.fr

2014 Exhibition "Landscapes, Wildlife & Flora" - Brie-Comte-Robert (77), France

2013 Exhibition at L'Agora du Net booth - Salon de la photo 2013 - Paris (75), France