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My name is Raphaelle Monvoisin,

I am a multidisciplinary designer and photographer based in Paris, France.
Currently visual designer at Blizzard Entertainment, I have over 7 years of experience working for entertainment, creative businesses, local and international companies. 
I am focusing my expertise on art direction by creating content from concept to execution.
I also work as a freelancer on various projects with brands and talented professionals.

Self-taught in photography,  I am taking pictures of the world around me, giving a significant place to nature and wilderness.
I feel like I am giving life to all the untold stories that were unfolding right in front of my eyes.
Nature lover and adventurer, I like to explore the world and capture the beauty of each place on Earth I have the chance to visit. 

If you'd like to know more about me, discuss about a project or potential opportunities, please contact me.
I put my heart and soul into my work and I would love to hear from you!


I've always been a bit of a wild soul.
Most of my youth was spent in the pines forests, where I was playing in nature, lying in the meadow observing the sky,
climbing in the trees and creating stories full of adventures.
Ever since I remember, Nature has inspired me.


Profile photo: Solenne Jakovsky  —  Video: Antonin Pergod

Awards & Publications


Represented by Trevillion Images for commercial use of my pictures.

Featured in


"Au delà du Cercle Polaire" contest winner - Lapland exploration and gear test 

2017 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 2nd prize, free theme

2016 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 1st prize, theme "Friends"

2016 ZEINBERG CONTEST - 2nd prize, theme "Once upon a time"

2015 DIGIT-PHOTO CONTEST - 3rd prize, theme "Beauty of everyday"

2nd prize, category "Landscapes" & 1st Public prize

2018 PUBLICATION "Au delà du Cercle Polaire" feat. Canon
Magazine Le Monde de la Photo issue n°104, March 2018 (FR)

2017 EXHIBITION "Onirisme" - Cachan (94), France

2017 GRAINE DE PHOTOGRAPHE Interview - "Tales of Nowhere" (FR)

2017 EXHIBITION for "L'Art de la Pose" book varnishing - Ivry-sur-Seine (94), France

2017 Online EXHIBITION - Expo-Enligne.fr

2017 EXPO-ENLIGNE Interview - "Inner World" (FR)

2014 EXHIBITION "Landscapes, Wildlife & Flora" - Brie-Comte-Robert (77), France

2013 EXHIBITION L'Agora du Net booth - Salon de la photo 2013 - Paris (75), France